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The Redcliffe Historical Society Inc was formed at a public meeting on the 23rd of February,1967 for the purpose of preserving and documenting the history of Redcliffe and the surrounding areas. Mr James Houghton was elected Foundation President.


The Redcliffe Historical Society acts to preserve this special place in Queensland history.


For over 4000 years, this area was inhabited by the Ningy Ningy; the Aboriginal people who roamed from the North Pine River to Toorbul Point. They also had camps on Moreton and Bribie Islands.


Captain James Cook sailed past the area while charting the east coast in 1770. On July 17, 1799, Matthew Flinders saw the strong impregnated iron stone on the cliff face (on what is now Woody Point) and actually wrote on his chart 'Red cliff Point'.


John Oxley recommended the site of Redcliffe to Governor Brisbane as suitable for a convict settlement. On September 14, 1824, Lieutenant Henry Miller led a group of about 70 people including soldiers of the 40th Foot Regiment, convicts,  explorers and their families to establish the 1st European Settlement in Queensland. They arrived on the brig 'Amity' - a replica was built at Albany W.A. as shown below.


While the settlement lasted only until May,1825, it saw the birth of the first white child in the colony, its first death, the construction of the first brick kiln, the erection of the first pre-fabricated house (for the commandant) and it is said the first weir in Queensland.


With the passage of time, Redcliffe has passed through phases of land sub-division and development, farming being a favourite place and has now grown into a city of around 50,000 people. Redcliffe is entering into a new phase of its history as it becomes a part of the newly amalgamated Moreton Bay Regional Council.


Replica of the Brig 'Amity' at Albany W.A.

Photo: Courtesy Ian Harding - Click to enlarge

More can be learned about the ship 'Amity' in the book, 'She was the "Amity", Brig' by the author Les Johnson. A copy donated by the Albany Historical Society is gratefully held in our Archives.
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Matthew Flinders - A talk by Ian Harding

Matthew Flinders was among the world's most accomplished navigators and hydrographers. To ensure that his observations were as accurate as possible and that nothing important was overlooked, his constant practice was to stand his ship off shore at dusk and run back each morning to where the previous day's work had ended. Each bearing and angle in his charting was taken by himself either from the deck or the mast-head and the results worked up by him each night. There is a chance to learn more about Matthew Flinders and his accomplishments.

Ian Harding, a local and popular speaker, will be addressing the Redcliffe Historical Society members and their guests on July 11, 2014 at the Redcliffe City Library commencing at 2:00 pm. Afternoon tea will be served and all are welcome. 

In addition, on the 200th anniversary of Flinders death, the Redcliffe Historical Society, in conjunction with the Redcliffe Museum, are remembering the work done by this talented man with an exhibit at the Redcliffe Museum, 75 Anzac Ave, Redcliffe. This opens on July 1, 2014 until August 31, 2014. A model of Matthew Flinders ship HMS 'Investigator', kindly on loan from Caboolture Historical Village, will be on display together with a chart that shows the incredible detail Flinders put into his work. 

Lt. Matthew Flinders

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More People are Discovering the Secrets about Redcliffe

Damien Misso, Professionals Real Estate Agent at Woody Point and well known identity on the Peninsula have been keeping people informed on the '365 Things To Do Around Redcliffe'.

Living on the Peninsula, he has developed a strong passion for the area and is happy to share these benefits with us.

Check out his website now and follow his Blogs.

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